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Doris Molitor's work with respect to patent translations has consistently been reviewed as being excellent and has always been delivered in a timely manner. We appreciate the professional nature in which she conducts herself and look forward to working with her on future projects.

Ronald J. Shulman

Park IP Translations

Associate Director. 

Progect Managment

“Doris worked with me on many projects from largest to smallest, she is an excellent patent translator and never missed a deadline."


Balaji Busani

Manager - Translations

Legal Advantage, LLC

It’s always a pleasure working with Doris. She is prompt, reliable, and flexible with our many projects. She’s been a part of our team for years and we couldn’t do it without her!


Jayme DeSocio


 PARK IP Translations

Doris Molitor is a very reliable and responsive translator.

 Our end clients have always had great things to say about her work


Geoff Norby,

Global Accent Translation Services,  Ft. Collins, CO

Doris Molitor is a very proficient translator of the German language into English as well as English into German. She has a background in German law (a law degree from the University of Bayreuth – equal to Juris Doctorate, J.D.). She is very responsive regarding deadlines and fair pricing and works very efficiently. Doris Molitor is experienced in translating official documents, especially patents, from German <> English, we would not hesitate to trust Doris with the most demanding assignment.


Axel Hermansen


Racine, WI

Ms. Molitor is always a reliable, conscientious and thorough translator whether the subject be a credential or legal text: on time, on budget and on topic.


Michael Sum

CINCILINGUA Translation Services

Cincinnati, OH


Doris has been a respected colleague, whose professional output I have reviewed numerous times; after completing these edits, I have always felt enriched by having learned something unique.


Peter Golisch

 Technical Translator

Virginia, USA

Doris Molitor is a highly skilled translator, with a firm command of patent terminology and scientific vocabulary. She is efficient and deadline-oriented. She has worked with us for many years, and we can recommend her without hesitation.


Charlotte Sanford

Project Manager

KERN Global Language Services

San Francisco,CA

Doris Molitor has worked with us on several projects and we have found her translations and reviews to be of high quality, especially in patents and legal documents. She works efficiently and delivers on time.


Heide Ruplinger

German Language Team Leader

MultiLing Corporation

Provo, UT

I used Doris' services in many translation projects over the years -- and I will again, anytime I can.


Her work was consistently on time and on budget, but the quality of her work was always above the expectations.


Mario Sarli

Project Manager

Language Connections LLC,

Brighton, MA

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